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Our inn has a private open-air bath for you to enjoy a night view of Miyajima that is one of Jukeiso’s best features.
(First-come-first-served each day. 30 minutes per time.)

Private Fine-View Open-air Bath

The fine-view open-air bath just to the right of the inn entrance is free for private use (30 minutes per time. Reservations required at check-in.)
The bath offers a view overlooking Itsukushima Shrine and the O-torii Gate.
Your fatigue will disappear in the bath that overlooks Itsukushima Shrine. We highly recommend it.

*Guests arriving late during peak season may not be able to use this bath.

Indoor Bath

There is one indoor bath each for women and for men.
The bath is very large and there is also an aquarium in the room.

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