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Restaurant Petit Heike

Enjoy anago-meshi set meal and grilled oysters. This is a traditional restaurant at the foot of Jukeiso.
As of September 2019, it serves meals including curry, hot dogs, and alcoholic beverages.

Set meals Anago-meshi set meal, whitefish set meal, deep-fried oysters set meal, deep-fried shrimp set meal, Japanese-style deep-fried chicken set meal, pork cutlet set meal
Curries Curry, curry topped with cutlet, curry topped with deep-fried oysters, curry topped with deep-fried shrimp, curry topped with Japanese-style deep-fried chicken
Rice bowls Anago-meshi, mini anago-meshi
Udon and soba (buckwheat) noodles Cold udon/soba, Heike udon/soba, udon/soba topped with tempura, udon/soba topped with a raw egg, udon/soba topped with fried tofu
À la carte French fries, deep-fried squid tentacles, small sardine tempura, grilled oysters
Hours Irregular
Location Next to the stairs heading towards Jukeiso diagonally from the Miyajima History and Folklore Museum.
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