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Recommended Sightseeing Spots

01 Itsukushima Shrine

The World Heritage Site Itsukushima Shrine standing in the ocean is ethereal. It has many mystical spots like the ‘mirror pond’ that appears at low tide and the taka-butai (‘high stage’) where bugaku, a traditional Japanese court dance, is performed.

Access 7-minute walk from the inn

02 Miyajima Public Aquarium - Miyaji Marine

The Miyajima Public Aquarium is nicknamed Miyaji Marine. It puts on daily sea lion shows, and you can fully experience the Seto Inland Sea.

Access 5-minute walk from the inn

03 Senjokaku Hall (Hokoku Shrine)

Toyotomi Hideyoshi ordered this shrine to be built in 1587. The interior that is the size of 857 tatami mats (more than 1500 square meters) is well worth seeing.

Access 10-minute walk from the inn

04 Kiyomori Shrine

This shrine was built to praise the great achievements of Taira no Kiyomori. It is also the destination of the procession in the Miyajima Kiyomori Festival.

Access About 5-minute walk from the inn
Daisho-in Temple

05 Daisho-in Temple

This temple was erected in 806 by Kobo Daishi. Various Buddhist statues are enshrined on the grounds. Sitting atop a hill, it provides a view of refreshing scenery.

Access About 7-minute walk from the inn
Treasure Hall

06 Treasure Hall

This hall houses some of the roughly 260 pieces of extremely valuable national treasures and important cultural properties belonging to Itsukushima Shrine.

Access About 5-minute walk from the inn
Miyajima History and Folklore Museum

07 Miyajima History and Folklore Museum

This museum tells you about the history and way of life in Miyajima. It has a building from the 1800s, and the garden viewed from the building echoes days gone by.

Access About 3-minute walk from the inn
Daigan-ji Temple

08 Daigan-ji Temple

This temple has a very long history. The nine pine trees on the grounds are said to have been planted by Ito Hirobumi.

Access About 5-minute walk from the inn
Five-storied Pagoda

09 Five-storied Pagoda

This structure that was built in 1407 has been designated an important cultural property of Japan. It is notable for its vivid colors.

Access About 10-minute walk from the inn
Momijidani Park

10 Momijidani Park

This park has around 700 maple trees. You can enjoy the refreshing greenery in summer and vivid vermillion leaves in fall.

Access About 14-minute walk from the inn
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