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Cancellation Policy

◆Cancellation Rules

Cancellation fees shall be charged in accordance with the Hotel’s cancellation rules.
In the event that cancellation fees are incurred, please pay according to the Hotel's billing policy.

In the event of a canceled reservation, cancellation fees will be charged as follows.
Fee per person (room charges are per room)

7 days before date of stay 10% of accommodation fees
2-3 days before date of stay 30% of accommodation fees
1 day before date of stay 50% of accommodation fees
Date of stay 100% of accommodation fees
Cancellation without contacting the Hotel 100% of accommodation fees

Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy

1. Hotel’s basic attitude regarding personal information

The Hotel respects privacy with regard to the personal information of customers, business associates, etc. that is used by the Hotel for any commercial activity. The Hotel, its officers, and all employees recognize the importance of personal information and strive for its proper protection while making continuous reviews and improvements to its practices in accordance with the following Privacy Policy.

2.Personal information retained by the Hotel

Customers’ personal information is registered in the Hotel’s database system.
Customers’ information registered in the database system is as follows.
Company name, customer name, address, gender, telephone number, e-mail address, stay history (date of stays, stay plans, number of guests), etc.
In addition, the Hotel retains the personal information of guests who stayed at the Hotel prior to the enactment of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information.

3. Provision of customers’ personal information to third parties

The Hotel properly manages personal information acquired from customers and will not provide it to third parties without the prior consent of the customer.

4. Purpose of use of customers’ personal information

We will use customers’ personal information for the following purposes.
- Making timely and appropriate decisions on how to respond when reservations are made
- Post-stay services after conducting a questionnaire on whether or not to send direct mail

5. Measures taken to protect customers’ personal information

The Hotel provides regular education to its officers and all employees on the protection of personal information and strictly manages customers’ personal information.

6. Outsourcing of customers’ personal information processing

The Hotel may outsource the personal information it retains to companies that send direct mail, but any such outsourcing is done with the necessary contract concluded and under management and supervision.

7. Shared use of customers’ personal information

Separate necessary measures will be taken in the event of shared use of customers’ personal information.

8. Inquiries regarding complaints, corrections, disclosures, suspension of use, etc.

Personal Information Manager: President & Representative Director Yasuo Umebayashi
Inquiries & Consultations: Jukeiso
TEL:0829-44-0300 FAX:0829-44-0388
Please note that customers will be asked to provide their address, name, telephone number, etc. to confirm identity when making inquiries regarding complaints, corrections, disclosures, and suspension of use. If identity cannot be confirmed at that time, we may contact you at a later date.

9. Deletion & removal of personal information

Ten years from the date of completion of transactions with the customer, or the date of failure to conclude a contract, the customer’s personal information will be securely and completely deleted and removed without prior or subsequent consent.

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