Jukeiso 50 Miyajima-Cho, Hatsukaichi-Shi, Hiroshima, 739-0533 JAPAN
Telephone:81-829-44-0300 Fax:81-829-44-0388

In MIYAJIMA, famous for the World Cultural Heritage, ITSUKUSIMA SHRINE, JUKEISO as a Japanese style Ryokan wait for your coming. We promise you will spend a fantastic night at JUKEISO, located at heights, with the best view of this beauty island. Contrasting daytime bustling with many tourists, only overnight guests can enjoy Miyajima's another face: silent and uncanny beauty. We hope you have a wonderful time in Miyajima and in our Jukeiso. Also, you will be surprise that this island shows different aspects depend on quarter-daily sea levels change and four seasos.

Our Ryokan, established in 1925, have welcomed numerous gests from all over the world. At Jukeiso, we hope you will enjoy silent Japanese nature, mystic cultures or Mt.Misen hiking.
Invitation to MIYAZIMA
photo MIYAJIMA, this little island is located near Hiroshima and has inherited traditional Japanese beauties from Heian-Era(A.D.794-1192). Its natures have been commended for long. It is not only beauty but also wonderful cultures that you can enjoy in Miyajima.

  In this island, there is the World Cultural Heritage, Itsukusima Shrine. The old, wooden and vermilion structures, build on the sea, impress you as a illusive oriental castle. With its Asian beauty, even with lost Japanese beauty, Isukusima Shrine has kept her dignity.

  Miyajima displays completely different styles depending on sea levels. At the time of the high sea level, Itsukushima shrine stand on the sea. In contrast, at the low level, visitors can enter the big Torii gate by walk.
Suite Room
2 bed rooms(Japanese style), living room and bar counter. Located at the highest floor, the best view (270 degree of island view) provides you a fantasitc senaries of Itsukushima Shrine, Torii-gate, and natures of this island.
Standard Room
1 bed room(Japanese style) for 2-5 guests. Through the window, you can enjoy a ocean view with Torii-gate, or views of Itsukushima Shrine, Taho-pagoda and Goju-no-toh (five story pagoda) instead of Torii-gate. *Views are differ among rooms.
Superior Standard Room
2 bed rooms(Japanese style or Western style)for 2-8 guests. Panorama view of Miyajima will welcome you.
*The left photo shows Western sytle bed room. We also have Superior Standard Rooms of 2 Japanese style bed rooms.
*Every rooms has a private bath, toilet and air-conditioning.
*Bedding of a Japanse style room is Futon.
*Following amenities are free; soap, shampoo, shaving set, face towel, bath towel, hair drier, night clothes and tooth brush.
*Smoking is prohibited in the room.
*Free Wi-Fi is available at the lobby.


Charges differ depending on seasons, room types, meal types and number of guests. Please ask our reservation desk via e-mail Relatively high in New Year holidays, "Golden Week"(late Apr. and early May) and "Obon" period (middle of Aug.).
Rough standard for Standard room/Superior standard room: 29,000JPY-54,000JPY for 2 guests, 53,000JPY-101,000 for 4 guests.
For suite room: 50,000JPY-75,000JPY for 2 guests, 96,000JPY-145,000JPY for 4 guests.
*Rough standards includes room charge and two meals, and excludes consumption tax(8%) and service charge(10%).

Check-in 15:00 / Check-out 10:00

Credit cards honored
American Express, VISA, Mastercard, DC, JCB, Diners Club

Traveler's checks
Not accepted

Cancellation charge
On the day: 100%. No show: 100%
We serve a "Kaiseki", a Japanese traditional multi-course dinner. Dishes include an appetizer, seasonal dishes, soup, row-fish ("Sashimi") and desserts. Our cheaf chef designs menu considering seasonal foods. We prepare three courses; Economy, Standard and Delux.

Miyajima locates in Seto inland sea in-between Hiroshima and Iwakuni.
To Hiroshima

(From Tokyo)
4-5 hours from Tokyo by Shinkansen (4 hours for Nozomi super express, and 5 hours for Hikari Super express. Tourists with Japan Rail please take Hikari.)
1.5 hours from Haneda Airport(Tokyo Int'l Airport) to Hiroshima Airport by airplane(Japan Airlines or All Nippon Airways) and 1 hour from Hiroshima Airport to Hiroshima Station by highway bus.

(From Kyoto/Osaka)
1.5-2.5 hours from Kyoto/Osaka by Shinkansen (1.5 hours for Nozomi super express, and 2.5 hours for Hikari Super express. Tourists with Japan Rail Pass please take Hikari.)
To Iwakuni
(From Tokyo)
1.5 hours from Haneda Airport(Tokyo Int'l Airport) to Iwakuni Airport by airplane(All Nippon Airways)
To MIyajima-Guchi (Gate port for Miyajima)

(From Hiroshima)
0.5 hour by JR Sanyo Line and 1 hour by Hiroden Miyajima Line(tram).
*JR Passengers please be careful to the name of station: passengers must get off at Miyajima-Guchi station, instead of Miyauchi-Kushido station (1 station prior to Miyajima-Guchi).
(From Iwakuni)
0.5 hour by JR Sanyo Line.

From Miyajima-Guchi to Miyajima Port, 10 min. by ferry.
From Miyajima Port, 20 min by walk.

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